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Where do I Start

Welcome to CCS Computing Services!

CCS is here for all your Information Technology needs.

If you need support for your computers, network or applications we can help you.  With over 30 years of experience we are qualified to provide all of your requirements.  We offer professional and competitively priced support.
When it's time to build or update your website we are experienced and ready to help.  Whether you need a small point of presence site or an extensive eCommerce site CCS has your solution.


The cost, benefits, pitfalls and issues associated with developing and maintaining your site.

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      Where do I Start

      August 14, 2018
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      Cost of Developing a Website

      August 12, 2018
  • Recurring Costs

    The actual recurring cost for your site will depend on the size and type of site you have.  For a small point of presence site these cost are insignificant but for a large enterprise site they can easily exceed $20,000 per month.

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Single Service Contact

Do you know who to call when you have an equipment or software problem?  Can you determine if the problem is hardware or software related?  You could spend hours listening to recording and hoping you choose the right option and then setting on hold while you wait to finally speak to a person.

While you are on the phone who is doing your job? Let CCS be your single point of contact for all your IT issues. We diagnose the problem determine the best course of action and either repair the problem or contact the appropriate people to get the repair done.

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