Trump’s travel ban!

WOW!  President Trump is definitely sending a message, but what is the message.  It’s been almost 16 years since the 911 attack.  Since that time we have lost thousands of American soldiers and many times that number have suffered emotional, psychological and physical injuries in the war on terrorism.

America as with all nations has an obligation to defend human rights against tyranny.  However, we also have an obligation to defend our own citizens against terrorism.  As a nation we have been very fortunate not to have suffered the effects of terrorism to the degree that most of the rest of the world has endured.  How and why have we not suffered their fate?

Terrorism is like a disease that spreads out of control unless some type of inoculation is employed to prevent and/or control the spread.  It has been around forever and is predominately ideologically motivated.  With the wide spread abuse of human rights and economical decay in many parts of the world ideologies that motivate terrorism have multiplied proportionally.

Just over half a century ago after WWII American was viewed by much of the world as a nation of heroes.  Today we are viewed as a nation of oppressive and uncaring people.  The generation that remembered America as the savior of the world in WWII is mostly gone.  Those memories were a large part of what insulated us from the terrorism that has affected the rest of the world.  With the erosion of those memories our insulation is likewise eroded.

The concept of this country as a refuge for the oppressed of the world is an admirable concept and has served us well in the past.  unfortunately we do not live in the past.  While we cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the world we must take steps to avoid inviting terrorist inside our borders.  Is President Trumps executive order a move in that direction or is it just a powerful man who has ascended to the most powerful position on earth flexing his muscles?

Let us hope it is the former and that there is a plan to implement a long term strategy for controlling immigration to minimize the likelihood of inviting in terrorist without targeting specific nationalities, religions or ethnic groups.  For if it is the latter then I fear we have just issued a challenge to every terrorist group in the world to attack America.


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