The Trump Sounds

Welcome to The Trump Card!  It is obvious that Donald Trump is changing the way our government operates.  For decades our government has operated as a political log jam.  It’s focus has been a power struggle between the Democrat and Republican parties with the issue of what’s best for our county taking a back seat to this struggle.

Individually I think the vast majority of our government representatives have the best of intentions for our country.  However, collectively the vast majority succumb to the pressures of supporting their respective political parties and vying for position within that party.  The result is that the skill sets of many very intelligent and skilled individuals are lost in the party line.

The purpose of the political parties is intended to be an election platform and not a sub-set of our government as a whole.  Bipartisanship is the catch phrase used on those rare occasions when we see both parties agree on any specific issue.  This bipartisanship is only achieved through rigorous and costly trade offs and  concessions between the political parties.  This process has virtually crippled out countries government institution.

Americans as a whole elect their representatives to promote the needs of their community and not the position of a particular political party.  For the first time in a long time we seem to have a leader that is more focused on the country as a whole instead of his party platform.  This is not to say that he is or will do all the right things, but it is definitely a move in the right direction toward unifying our government.  How well he does is yet to be determined.

Maybe if we as citizens make our voice heard through forums such as this he and the rest of our representatives will take note.  It isn’t about just criticizing or condoning every decision or action.  We need to make our feelings known in a constructive manner that could lead to better decisions and actions